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Fully automatic two fold

Fully automatic two-fold abdominal pad folding machine

Fully automatic two-fold abdominal pad folding machine

  • It is used for the automatic folding of medical surgical towels, abdominal pads and abdominal towels.
  • The gauze roll is placed on this equipment to run, automatic feeding, cutting, hemming, pressing ears, folding in half, and neatly placed.
  • Equipped with 5-6 CNC motors, parameter modification is carried out in the man-machine interface, it is very convenient to change the variety.
  • There are also models equipped with automatic discharge, which has a higher degree of automation and automatically runs after the discharge is reset.
  • The advantages of using a fully automatic folding machine: one of the products is accurate in size and neat appearance; the other is the folding of the machine to reduce secondary pollution and improve product quality; the third is that it can greatly reduce labor, and the investment can be recovered after only six months of labor.

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